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TCoCD What's New

What's New

I am constantly updating this site. This is the place where I will be announcing those changes.
From here you can directly link to the pages that have changed, and also check for recent updates.

See the Sitemap for a list of what's there already.
2007-12-29 87 new mousepads.
2007-11-21 19 new phonecards.
2007-11-03 98 new stamps, see them on their summary page.
2006-10-14 26 new floppy disks, see them on their own summary page.
2006-10-10 A new section: phonecards (16 so far) along with 85 new stamps (see them on the summary page).
2006-10-02 New coins and banknotes: Nicolaus Copernicus, Albrecht Dürer, Thomas Jefferson, Karl Marx, Sebastian Munster and Nikola Tesla.
2006-07-21 A new section: 137 floppy disks from 3M to Xidex; 8", 5¼" and 3½" so far.
2006-07-04 More room for the mice: 92 new mousepads.
2006-06-30 316 new pins. See them on the summary page.
2006-06-24 The stamps on mathematicians, physicists and other scientists and engineers are online (52 so far).
2006-06-20 New banknotes: a series of seven on Ruder Boskovic, one each on Guglielmo Marconi, Janez Vajkard Valvasor, Jurij Vega and Alessandro Volta.
2006-03-18 It's done. The update is ready.  

It delivers lots of fresh contents. In detail:

And finally:

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Deutsche Version
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english version

2004-03-03 Pins are proliferating. See the 90 new ones on the summary page.
2003-12-27 Pins, hundreds of pins (364, to be precise).
2003-12-12 Two new Russian Stschotys here and here and two Mechanical Curvimeters here and here.
Even more slide rules:  Agfa: Tages- und Kunstlicht-Belichtungs-Tabelle
Aristo: 510101 Reifenprofil-Tiefemesser
IWA: 06 095 Universal-Rohrleitungsrechner
Jakar: No. 523 A Rietz
Nestler: No. 11 ZO
No. 20 Kiel
Nr. 0218 Darmstadt
UTO: No. 1
No. 11
No. 631 U
930 Studium
No. 931 U
VEB Mantissa Mono Rietz
New slide rules:  Blundell Harling 803 Rietz
905 Academy Duplex
Faber Castell: 2/84 N Mathema
4/54 Darmstadt
51/94/317 Schulrechenstab System Rietz
111-22 Disponent
375 System Rietz
Hope: No. 530
IWA: 526.1 Pfauter Wälzfräsmaschinenfabrik
581.1 HWW Spitzenloses Schleifen
15375 Lufthansa Fueling Computer B-747 D/E
May: Richtwerte für Bohren und Fräsen (table)
Norma: Grafia 190 (disk)
2003-11-01 Money, money, money: coins and bank notes
2003-10-30 New Stocks & Shares: American Cable & Radio Corp., American Telephone and Telegraph Company and The National Cash Register Company.
2003-10-29 Added new mathematical instruments: two proportional dividers made by Proebstler and Riefler, another two of unknown origin here and here, and a funny curvimeter.
2003-07-28 Yes, I'm still alive.

New pages: My wealth of  Stocks & Shares (10 pages) ;-)
2002-07-10 Relaunch of the site. New pictures, many new devices, new insides (scripts & SSI). A total of 404 pages, hopefully no error 404.
The Hand-Helds and Tabletops are still missing and there is still tons of work to do.

2001-02-03 The listing pages for Pocket Calculators are on-line. 80 more pages to view.
2000-11-22 Added 31 pages on Hand-Held Games and 32 pages on Desktop Calculators.
2000-11-17 143 + 10 more pages: Slide Rules and Miscellaneous Items.
2000-11-14 the next 52 pages: Mechanical Calculators.
2000-11-12 The Collection of Calculating Devices goes online with just 12 devices in the section Mathematical Instruments on 21 pages.

TCoCD What's New

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Deutsche Version
Deutsche Version

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